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We can be reached by phone:
CH (main number): +41-22-575-4445
If calling from US, UK, NZ or AU for your convenience you may want to use one of the following numbers:
US: +1-505-695-1863
UK: +44-131-618-8191
NZ: +64-3-669-0117
AU: +61-2-8003-4488

We can be reached by phone:
CH (main number): +41-22-575-4445
If calling from US, UK, NZ or AU for your convenience you may want to use one of the following numbers:
US: +1-505-695-1863
UK: +44-131-618-8191
NZ: +64-3-669-0117
AU: +61-2-8003-4488

D-Wave Adventures – Part 1

To learn new things it is instructive to start working through an example. I wanted to know more about how D-Wave works, so I picked the example called Map Coloring form their website.

The example demonstrates a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP). The problem is to color a map (here of Canada) with the following constraints:

Each region


Seen today over May 21, 2020. Fulfills social distancing requirements, I suppose, if it floats more than 2 metres above ground has not more then five persons who wear masks in the basket...
Nice sight early morning!

New @NWSSWPC WSA-ENLIL #spaceweather forecast video. Model run 38357 on date 2020-05-18T12:01:53UTC.
Watch video at
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New @NWSSWPC WSA-ENLIL #spaceweather forecast video. Model run 38316 on date 2020-05-15T02:04:19UTC.
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Running Your 0wn Mastodon Instance

You can buy these stickers

Mastodon is a decentralised and federated social media platform and does not have a centrally managed instance like Twitter. The software on which Mastodon runs is open-source, which allows you to run your own instance of Mastodon, either on premise or in the cloud.The beauty of the Mastodon

You may have noticed that I moved my account to a new server and now have moved my followers as well.
I'll be posting contente exclusively here.
Thanks for following!

Phoenix Framework on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Pheonix with Elixir

For setting up the development environment, I was able to follow the Phoenix v.1.5.1 Installation and Up and Running instructions.

The first guide worked exactly as described. For the latter guide it is good to be aware that BEFORE running mix ecto.create make sure you have the database par

New @NWSSWPC WSA-ENLIL #spaceweather forecast video. Model run 38127 on date 2020-04-29T08:02:08UTC.
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Erlang, Elixir and Stuff

About six years ago, I wanted to put up a website for a project that needed to collect data from public sources, clean and normalize that data and store it in a database for further usage. I decided on Python for the data acquisition and treatment part - mostly because it is a nice language and has lots of libraries that make

SARS-CoV-2 vs COVID-19

The Answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42Deep Thought

CDC Diagnostic Test for COVID-19

Like everyone knew what the great question actually was. Which is the point of this article.

I am not a doctor, healthcare worker, virologist or epidemiologist. Here I am speaking purel from a data science perspecti

Why Contact Tracing Apps Are Not Anonymous

First a couple of definitions.

Track or trace? It depends, it means different things. From basic dictionary definitions, I paraphrase the following meanings:

to trace: follow the completed path backwards from its current point to where it began.

to track: follow the emerging path forwards from you

FreeBSD Gateway to Access ProtonVPN

was playing around with different setups to connect several devices to ProtonVPN being aware of the limit of one or two devices with the Free and Basic ProtonVPN packages. The obvious way is to configure the VPN on your router/gateway. If you have one that allows for OpenVPN to be configured, you can do it there. Min

To VPN or not to VPN

A Swiss VPN provider

I started researching VPN providers some time ago and gave ProtonVPN c closer look since they provide a free base service that isn't too performant but good enough for testing and many daily activities. With their free offering, which is unlimited in duration, you have the choice of servers in three countries and can connect one devi

Creating COVID19 Maps is Easy…

Lemma: To do data analysis you need a minimum of subject matter knowledge of the field you analyse data for.

Spring Cleanup: New Blog and Domains

I am in the process of removing some domain names that have been used in the past to present information to the public and which have organically grown with new requirements. Now it's time to do spring cleaning and simplify the management as well as streamline the presentation of this information.Specifically, the domains spaceob

Five very good questions about in an open letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel cc @RegSprecher

Daily new cases in on March 24 to March 29.
Not seeing a clear trend (yet) and not seeing numbers going down significantly

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